Friday, June 24, 2011

East Meets West

Yippee!  Ya-hoo! Skip to my Lou my darling!  That is me cheering on the fact that I have finally managed to meet the back trail up and make it into one long looping trail.  I spent the better part of the morning trail cutting today and just when I was about to give up for the day I looked up and saw that I was only about five meters away from the other trail I had hacked out earlier this spring.  I was ecstatic, and then some.  So now I technically have a loop from my house to the back forty and back.  Admittedly the trail needs a lot of work in order for the quad with the trailer to negotiate it, but the worst of the under brush and over brush has been cleared away making it easy for a person to walk the entire length of the trail.  Now all I will have to do when I go out is keep improving it, getting it wider and neater.  Me so happy!

Yesterday I had a couple of fireplace guys come out and check out the existing fireplace in the living room, it is circa 1970`s like the house, and typically when you light a fire in it the actual heat has a tendency to get sucked up into the atmosphere, leaving the house a little more chilly than before.  So the idea is to put a fireplace insert into the hole and potentially capture some of that heat.  The good news is that we have plenty of room for a new insert, we can put anything in from a small to a large.  The bad news is that it is mucho dollaros.  The good news is that the company has a fireplace in store which is a medium size that was ordered for another person who ended up not wanting it.  So if we want it we can have it for the price of a small one.  Apparently a medium insert will heat from 800 - 2000 sq ft, which would be perfect for Kitpu Manor.  (I really have to find a name for this place before it ends up becoming Kitpu on a permanent basis.)  So sometime today we will have to haul our butts into town to have a look at the insert.  As long as it is a plain Jane I will take it.  I hate those fancy assed ones.  This will also give me a chance to check out their stock of little air tights, I want to put it into the new master bedroom.

Sigh.  So much to do still, and the worst part about it is that we had to banish Karson from the house for awhile.  What with all the drywall dust, wood chips, and destruction dust she was starting to have a hard time breathing.  So she is vacationing with relatives while her lungs develop a bit more.

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