Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Antisocial Shall Inherit A Tree

Our one and only full time neighbours asked us if we would be interested in a tree that they have growing in front of their steps.  She wants to build an addition onto the deck and this tree is in the way.  So I wandered over to have a looksie and it doesn't look too bad.  She doesn't have a clue what it is and neither do I.  To me, it looks more like a hedge, or bush, than an actual tree.  Perhaps it is the way it has been groomed. 

So there we were this morning, shovels in hand, backhoe puttering along to go over and dig out this plant.  Really how hard could it be right?  It will only take a half hour at most, right? Wrong.  It turns out that this tree was VERY happy where it was living.  It did not want to move, ever.  So first we tried to dig with shovels, that didn't work.  Then we tried digging with the backhoe, that didn't work.  Then we took a net and wrapped it around the tree, then put two slings around it, then another sling or two and tried to pull the sucker out of the ground.  She wasn't budging. 

Three hours later after a LOT of shoveling, some backhoeing, some bucket work, and using a ten foot, four inch square log as a lever we managed to excavate the tree.  It was a tad bit worse for the wear, but it has now been successfully (maybe) replanted in the yard.  I will be vastly surprised if it manages to live after the shit kicking the roots took. 

Anyhow, here are a couple of pictures of the leaves? Needles?  They are almost neon green here but that is only the new growth, the old growth is definitely a dark forest green.  I've also included a pic of the stems.  Does anyone have any idea what it may be?