Monday, June 13, 2011

No Friends

For the first time in weeks I have no friends keeping me company while I sit at the computer.  Tonight my dog sitting responsibilities came to an end and I have officially returned to a "Two Pet" household.  Which means that I no longer have an auxiliary back up dog sitting under the desk emitting random odours at me.  My main, official dog, has retired to her crate for the evening, and the One Pound Wonder is curled up on a warm spot on the couch.  Its a little bit strange.  A person gets used to being discombobulated and then adjusts and then starts thinking of it as normal.  I'm sure I will adjust.

The good news is this means that the doggy gate can come down and we can start to finish the doggy "time out" zone.  Perhaps that will mean that we actually will have three rooms completed (of course I'm not counting my chickens who happen to be holding their breaths).

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