Friday, June 10, 2011

Put Your Hands Up, We Have You Surrounded

As I sit here writing this I am surrounded by three out of three pets which are currently residing at Kitpu estates.  Karson, the One Pound Wonder, is sleeping on my lap and has her "purr" turned all the way up.    She weighs next to nothing (well a pound) but is positioned in such a way as to make it impossible for me to get comfortable, for fear of crushing her with my sweater, or accidentally blowing her onto the floor when I exhale in her direction.  Sully, the Peeing Pup, is lying right under the desk and smelling like a moldy, wet, drool intensive dog, which he is.  He is just a temporary pet which we happen to be dog sitting for another four days.  Kit is lying right next to me doing her damnedest to smell like a moldy, wet, slobber factory.  She is very, very good at it. 

All three are KOed, they had an incredibly busy day of chasing each other around at Mach V, then sleeping.  Munging each other up and then sleeping.  Jumping into the lake while chasing each other as they tried to mung each other, well everyone but Karson, and then sleeping.  Oh and wait they also had to take up mouth fulls of kibbles then drop them into random places on the floor before finding a place to sleep.  Karson included.  Ah the wonderful world of spit covered furry things. 

I had the Internet guy come out today to fix that thingamajig which is attached to the cable and the power cord which gives this magic box the capability of speaking to all the other magic boxes in the world.  As you may already have determined by reading this, we are now up and working.  Or should I say, we are working consistently as apposed to sporadically like before.  All hail the Internet guy.  Which means that if I felt like blathering on and on, and on, and on I could.  But would you still love me in the morning? 

Today was a beautiful day here at Kitpu Estates, the sun was shining, the wind was warm, the fish were jumping, and the humming birds where fighting up a storm.  Have you ever watched humming birds?  They are mean little suckers.  I put up a feeder last week and immediately one little guy laid claim to it and ever since then an incredibly fast war has been raging.  There have been aerial acrobats which the fighter pilots of the world would be seriously envious of.  It is the ultimate "small man's complex" of the bird kingdom.  They buzz each other sending themselves along with the enemy into the windows, screens, doors and trees.  Two of them flew past my face so close I could actually feel the wind from their wings. 

I also spent a couple of hours today trying to scrape that crap off a bedroom ceiling which people think look good, but in fact looks like dried flour.  I managed to fill my bra up with about a half pound of white dust, my hair was completely white and so was my face, oh what fun.  I scraped and scraped and scraped but only managed to get about a tenth of the stuff off.  There has to be a better way.  Sigh.

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