Saturday, June 18, 2011

It Is Wet, The Hole is Large

Today started like most days at Kitpu Estates.  Which means that the loons were calling, the dog was pacing, and the air was humid.  Is it really strange that I still think that humid, soggy, wet, damp, moist air is a novelty?  There is a smell to the wind that just makes me want to breath deeply.  It reminds me of the tropics but with a lot less palm trees blowing in the wind.  And a lot more black flies.

Anyway suffice to say that it was overcast but warm and tacky.  Almost the perfect day for pulling out the front window and replacing it with a new bay window that has a lot less wear and tear to it.  Things were humming along nicely.  Well maybe not nicely, but there was some progress, meaning that the old window came out lickety split and the framing was finished in record time.  That is when progress went from 100 to zero very quickly.  Suddenly there was a lot of head scratching and measuring happening all over the place, but a lot less actual movement of the new window from garage to big hole in the front of the house.  And of course, that is when the weather went from cool wind which keeps the bugs away to some serious huffing and puffing.  It also was the time that the humidity went from 68% to 100%, so now not only could I smell it I could also feel it on my skin, shirt, pants and hair.  This folks, is not a good time to have a big assed hole in your wall.

Mr Renovation, was all for continuing along trying to fit the window into the hole.  I, on the other hand, had visions of the gale force winds ripping the new window from our hands and leaving it on the ground in a big tangled, splintered mess.  So the new window continues to sit in the garage, the hole in the wall now is sporting the latest in plywood wear, and Mr Renovation is napping on the couch.

This reprieve gives me a chance to write a quick blurb in this blog thingy, but it also gives me the opportunity to check for news about a certain brother of mine who is near and dear to my heart.

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  1. That's good practice for the next Hurricane that comes rollin up the coast. Get your high speed plywooding skillz up to scratch inna hurry.