Saturday, June 25, 2011

Looking For A Partridge

I estimate that there are about five thousand pears on this pear tree in the back yard.

I also estimate that there are about a dozen or so partridge kicking around in the back forty.  I know this because they love nothing better than waiting until I am walking right by them before they leap into the air and fly away causing my heart to jump into my throat and freaking the shit out of me.  The dog love, love, loves this because she can chase after them with canine glee.  I wish she would catch one or two so I could snap their little feathery necks.  Ha, ha, no I'm kidding, I wouldn't do that, actually I'd use their little fluffy butts like a football and punt them into next Tuesday so only a small mound of feathers remain behind.

Anyway I digress.  Something about having a pear tree in your yard makes you burst into song about partridges.  I know. It is sick and wrong as this should so obviously be summer.  The last thing anyone should be doing is singing Xmas songs right.  Even though we did have a frost warning for last night, and it was in the single digits this morning.  Perhaps I can come up with another song about pear trees.  As anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am a brilliant song writer and singer.  I have a Kitty Kat song that gets the house rocking every single time.

Pear Tree Song

I have a pear tree in my yard,
A scare tree in my yard.  
I have a tree, 
which will never be a home to fluffy birds. 

I have a pear tree in my yard.  
I'll snare thee in my yard. 
I have a tree,
which can only ever be a dream for ruffly grouse. 

Written by:  Iron Bess

Ah yes, I am glad to see that my song writing skills still haven't deserted me.  I will have to work on the tune a little.  Maybe I will sing it to Mr Renovator until his head explodes.  Ha, ha, I mean until he is so moved by my lyrical talents that he will be motivated to go into the bush and fire up the chainsaw so he can cut more firewood.  

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