Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sitting Pretty

Finally on the mend. I'm still a little sore and stiff, but not anywhere as bad as last week. The best thing is that I can actually sit up now. It turned out to be a locked hip joint that was pulling on my back and doing bad things to my innards. A combination of shovelling many, many shovel fulls of snow and then having a 100 pound German Shepherd jump on my snow shoes and making me hit the ground. Sometimes I could just take off a snow shoe and beat the turd with it. Lucky for her that I'm not a violent type person.

The worst part of my convalescence was my book choices. They were boring, crappy, creepy, and sigh...another fucking zombie book.  How come I always end up with zombie books? I think there should be a rule about that. If it contains the undead wanting to attack and eat people there should be a warning label on the cover. Warning, Warning...there be zombies here!!! I get it, zombies and vampires sell, but come on...who the hell wants to read that many? Or any? I just can't buy into the premise. They are dead...they do not need to eat...they can't see, think, or move...I DO NOT BUY IT!

I have two pathetic looking dogs sitting here trying to will me into giving them some food. In order to save my capacity to smell anything than stinky dog, i had better go and feed them. 

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