Sunday, January 16, 2011

Popping the Virgin Blogging Cherry

Hello one and all, or should I say one.  Today, right this moment is my very first foray into the world of blogging.  Yes you heard it correctly, I am a virgin blogger.  Which of course means that right after I save this blog and it goes out into the great big scary Internet Blogosphere then I will no longer be virginal, virgin like, a virgin blogger?  My metaphoric cherry will be popped.  I am assuming it will be a lot less painful than the first time around.  Um, ah, we won't go there okay.  I'm not planning on being that kind of a blogger. 

I feel like I should have something great to say, something profound, something which will not make me look like an absolute tool.  But alas at the moment I am quite without profound thoughts or observations.  What I do have is a moment of peace and quiet, where the hell hound is curled up and asleep dreaming about really great poop smells and laying where she shouldn't be, but hey, why disturb the beast now.  And the other half is curled up and asleep and dreaming of garage doors and siding.  And I am assuming that all of my little lovelies are fast asleep way the heck out west and dreaming about princess dresses, milk laden boobs, and dreams about children sleeping for many more hours.  I'm pretty sure they will know which dreams belong to who...whom? 

It is a winter's day here on the east side of the country, light fluffy snow is falling, the lake is frozen and the dawn is breaking.  I have my tea (which should be coffee, but for the moment I am off the bean) the fire has been stoked and I am eating a muffin.  What could be better?  Ah well besides that fact that it could be summer, the lake could be waving, and the windows and doors could be open to the wonderful breezes and bird song.  But besides that, things are pretty good. 

Yesterday the first of many appliances showed up.  So I now have a fridge which is clean, new and white.  And hopefully doesn't feel the need to randomly open its doors for hours on end trying to cool down the house.  The old fridge is yellow, moldy and somewhat disgusting, in other words, it matches the rest of the house.  The house I purchased this fall is circa Partridge Family and is in serious need of some TLC.  Which I am more than happy to do, given that my life has drastically changed in the last six months.  I have gone from working full time, managing a staff, and fighting to make sense of crazy changes, to trying to manage only my own life and new circumstances.  I have moved more than six thousand kilometers to the east coast of the country from a beautifully renovated house to one that has seen better days forty years ago.  I have gone from living smack dab in the middle of town with neighbours all the way around to a house which is smack dab in the middle of the boonies.  It is wonderful.  With only one neighbour, it is almost perfect.  (Well except for the forty different kinds of wallpaper, yellow appliances, green toilet and carpets which have grown their own civilisations over the years. 

The most amazing thing about it is that I have a life which is new and interesting and challenging in such different ways than my old one and I am thrilled about it.  I have new experiences to look forward to (which will be easier now that I don't have those pesky mountains blocking my way).  And I have time to try things which I have never tried before, do things which I have always wanted to do, and of course, worry incessantly about not having enough money to live on now that I don't have that stress filled, people filled career that had consumed so much of my life. 

So here I am laying bare my blogger-cherry for all the denizens of the electronic world to pop.  Hello, happy to meet you all!

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