Friday, January 21, 2011

A Snowy Day Out East

Today was a snowy day that added heap big snow to the estates.  Then just as suddenly it became heap big rain.  Snow plowing ensued with the hopes that snow and rain did not equal skating rink. 

We were almost through all the firewood in the house so we decided to move the outside firewood into the inside.  Believe it or not, German Shepherd puppies are not helpful in the least when you try stacking firewood.  In fact, German Shepherd puppies are not helpful at all.  They are good at biting at your pants and ripping holes in them.  They are good at biting your hands and leaving long scratches from their needle sharp teeth.  They are even good at unrolling toilet paper from the roll and chewing it into tiny, soggy bit of white lumpy paper.  So in one way, German Shepherd puppies, are good at making paper the old fashion way. 

(Oh and they are really good at barfing up bits of wood which they chewed while helping you stack wood piles.)

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