Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who'd A Thunk It

Okay so I bought a brand new fridge, the old one is yellow, moldy and prone to opening up at night and staying open.  I needed a new fridge, I paid a shitload and got one, now I have an old one sitting just outside the door.  So now the thought turns to, "How the hell do I get rid of an old fridge?"  Apparently the answer is to look on Kijiji and find a person who is willing to come and pick it up for free and take it away.  "Who'd a thunk it!"

Now not to look a gift horse in the mouth but the next question is, "Why?"  I have a tendency to be very skeptical about free things.  Free could mean any number of things and "cost nothing" isn't really at the top of the definition list.  So I want to know, is there some used fridge place where the guy will get money if he takes it in?  If that is the case then I am okay with it, he is doing me a service and if he is doing it to get money, then great.  What scares me is that it may mean that I will be indebted to him for years to come.  Or he knows that people who buy new fridges at least have enough money to buy a new fridge so he can scope out the joint when he comes to do the "free service". 

I hope I'm not getting paranoid in my old age, that syndrome has a tendency to run in our family, and I'm already married to someone who has gone over to the paranoia dark side.   I hope its more like I am getting more cautious in my old age and consequently safer.  Yeah, I'm going to stick with that. 

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