Saturday, March 30, 2013


Today is day nine after having contracted the plague.  I was feeling pretty good when I first got up this morning but as the day progressed some serious shittiness settled in.  Now typically I am a pretty healthy person, in fact it has been years since I even had a cold, let alone something which knocked me right off my ass, and let me tell you, this certainly has done that.  (And continues to do it.) 

I actually do remember the last time I was as sick as this, it was during the Calgary Olympics in 1988.  That was when I ended up with bronchitis and laryngitis and told the doctor that I was too sick to go to the hospital.  I spent two solid weeks in bed (not in the hospital) and if things don't start getting a little better I may end up being out of commission for two weeks with this death...or whatever the frack it is. 

In fact I have been feeling so craptastic that I haven't even been able to write, not even for a minute.  So fingers crossed, knock on wood, and three Hail Marys to the fact that I am sitting here trying to put a word or two together because it probably means that I am looking back at the worst of it. 

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