Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Waiting With Bated (Baited) Breath

Yuppers, we is in the waiting game now.  Apparently the snow is supposed to giver shit tonight and pile it on thick by tomorrow.  Yay us.  I am so hoping that this will be it for the snow this year.  Of course I have had places I needed to go for most of this winter and it had to be a serious pain in the ass for me.  Sigh.  A bloody conspiracy it is.  (Yoda told me that.) 

Me and the canine were walking mud puddles by the time we finished our walk this afternoon.  Her, because well let's face it, she is a disgusting dog.  And me, because well let's face it, because I went with a disgusting dog.  She managed to gallump all around me while spreading the joy of mud and other gunk.  Yesterday we ended in exactly the same situation and she spent the majority of the day tied to the door to dry out.  I tried hanging her out front in the sunnier spot but she was so tangled up under the deck that she was howling by the time I got out of the shower.  So today I tried Yee Oldde Bucket of Water on her and it worked so much better. 

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