Monday, March 18, 2013


I've been pretty busy these days trying to get writing done for class, writing done for group, and editing my novel that I have been seriously neglecting blogging about anything.  (I'm pretty sure that the electronic world gives a giant rat's ass about that.) I just finished doing some editing on said novel and starting the process on chapter six and seven and thought I had better stop for a minute and just writing more.  Haha. 

I believe winter is giving a last kick at the cat before spring pushes it out of the way.  This morning when I woke up it was -13 outside.  I KNOW.  Like holy-paloly what the hell is that?  The wind was just a howling too, so even though by the time I stepped out the door to go for my walk it was only -5 it was still cold.  But the sun was shining brightly, so in one direction it was pure winter, the other it was summer.  Tomorrow it is supposed to Tony the Tiger used to say...Greeeeaaaatttt (it really isn't).  So fingers and toes crossed...let spring sproing. 

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