Friday, April 19, 2013


Wow!  Here be dragons, or at least the heat generated by them.  The temperature has gone from plus 14 to plus 30 in one fell swoop.  I was literally sweating up a storm...outside!  And I wasn't even splitting, stacking, or hauling firewood.  The weather guys were predicting rain all day today and tomorrow, then Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday it is supposed to get all hot and sunny.  I think they missed by a few days.  It is hot and sunny now. 

Hubby is trapping minnows these days, shiners, mini trout, and icky eels.  It's weird that I have zero interest in the whole fishing thing these days.  As a kid I was all about dangling a hook in the water to try and entice one of the scaly things to it, but now I am all - meh - about it.  Perhaps once I start taking a few laps around the lake in the boat (ala motor) I will once again be interested in the process...perhaps. 

I received the magazine which I have another story coming out in this afternoon.  This one is a children's story.  Even though it probably isn't a big deal to anyone else in the world, to me, it's still cool to see my name in print.  

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