Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beat The Outage

The wind she is a-blowin here today, I've already been out to the back deck three times to try and fix the barbeque cover and finally said, "Pffttt.  It can stay like that until it stops hurricaning."  Actually it is blowing so much that it blew the barbeque around in a 360 degree turn.  The chance of having a power outage soon is huge as I do happen to live in the land of power outages, so I have been doing a few things to try to prepare for darkness and coldness.  Although one good thing about today is that it is still relatively warm and I don't have to worry about the house freezing up.  Actually it's been almost four days since either of us felt the need to have heat on in the house. That is four more days extra of firewood we didn't have to burn.  So when the temperatures plummet and I feel the need for a burn I will have four more days before they find my frozen body wrapped in a duvet while wearing a winter parka.  That statement actually deserves an LOL as anyone who knows me knows that I am probably responsible for a large part of the "Global Warming" problem.  I think my body temperature can easily reach Fahrenheit 451 just through the sheer act of breathing.  If I go for a walk, well lets just say that the snow starts to melt, new growth appears on the trees, and you can actually hear the sounds of thermometers rising. 

We are heading into town today to have our final (I hope) discussion with our financial institution so we can put "the plan" into action.  Then I am going to go and pick up a few baking items because I have decided to do some xmas baking.  I haven't done xmas baking in almost 20 years, so it should be interesting.  (And when I say interesting I really mean it will be fun to start, then quickly I will become bored with the whole process, then frustrated, and then miffed.  {Can I still use the word miffed?  Or does that make me look like a dated dweeb?}) 

The wind is blowing so much that it is actually freaking the cat right out.  She has been screaming around the house in terror and trying to hide in places where she can't hear it moan.  Except she's a cat and she can hear flies walk across the ceiling, so good luck with that.  I had better post this before I crash. 


  1. Zilla's Other HalfDecember 8, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    You and your brother have that in common. Maybe you and all your brothers? This one here manages the same thing. It takes no effort on his part at all to break a sweat and major effort requires a running river. If I could harness the escaping heat from him, I'm sure we could heat the house in winter for at least a day....

  2. By a *day* she means, of course, a *year*.

  3. Maybe as a family we should get together once or twice a year and allow the biggest bidder to harness its energy needs for the year! That is giving back to the planet, AND making some money.