Friday, December 16, 2011

Lookie Lookie Another House

I spent the majority of today checking up on houses that are not mine, and will not be mine.  You see, my darling child is contemplating making the move from all the way up north, and on the other side of the country, to all the way over here.  So she is in the process of purchasing a house, and because she is all of six, or seven, thousand kilometers away we have been checking things out for her.  So we spent about two hours today following a building inspector around a house that she is planning on purchasing.  Well I should really say that the hubby spent two hours following the inspector around, and I spent two hours chatting up the present owners.  Groan!  In retrospect it probably would have been better had the hubby chatted up the owners and I followed the inspector around, he is by far the more social of the two of us.  Of course that would have meant that I would have had to speak to the inspector guy which I probably wouldn't have much liked either.  I guess either way I would have had to have been social. 

Then we took a drive over to another house and traipsed through it as well.  I've decided that wandering through houses that you have no intention of buying isn't all that fun.  In fact it is down right boring.  If it were a castle, or a haunted house, or an old jail or something it may make it more interesting.  Hopefully that part is all done and the negotiations will be wrapped up quickly, that way I can go back to being my usual antisocial, chainsaw wielding, xmas cookie baking, painter self. 

The other day I posted a picture of the fearsome Hellhoundicus, so today I thought I would attach a picture of the other fearsome creature which lurks in Kitpu Estates.  Karson the Cat (aka Satan).  

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  1. Zilla's Other HalfDecember 18, 2011 at 5:16 PM

    Wow. She's way growed up. And the eyes do indeed say it all.