Friday, December 2, 2011

The Blues

For some reason, which makes no sense whatsoever, I feel kinda down today.  It makes no sense because, a) it was a bright sunshiney day today, b) there is no snow on the ground, c) when I took the hell hound for a walk in the back forty there was no snow there either, d) my new bed is arriving tomorrow, and being carried into the house by someone other than me, e) I actually managed to get a couple of gallons of paint in town without caving to the overwhelming craving for junk food.  So why do I feel down?  Is it because I didn't cave to my junk food craving?  Perhaps. 

Speaking of my junk food craving as of tomorrow morning I am officially modifying my present "no carb" diet.  Tomorrow is Saturday and is officially my cheat day anyway (I may actually try to use the word officially so much in this post that people will want to hit me with a two by four with nails sticking out of it.  Which is officially the board used by people, for people, who over use the word officially too many times in one paragraph.)  Anywho, as I was saying, tomorrow is officially my cheat day anyway so I can carb it up as much as I want, but I am finding that no carbs makes for a pukey feeling blogger.  Lately I've just been on the edge of ralfing every time I eat, even when its good for you type things.  This phenomena has finally reached the cognisant part of my brain where information is normally processed and actually absorbed.  My brain has decided that feeling pukey all the time is not good so I am going to reintroduce carbs into my life.  Yippee! 

Although I have lost a tad bit of weight, around six or seven pounds, I figure I could easily lose another hundred or so without endangering my health too much.  Well maybe a hundred is a bit of an exaggeration, maybe I could lose another ten and I would feel a bit better about things.  Although perhaps I should stop now as my clothes are starting to get a bit big on me and, dog forbid, I might actually have to go out and do some clothes shopping.  I hate shopping for clothes.  If I had someone to pull clothes off the rack and say that this would probably be the right size, right fit, and be in my price range, I may not hate it as much.  To me the sizes are just random numbers that someone picked by spinning a wheel and letting it stop on its own.  So I have no idea if I'm a size 10 or 110.  Plus to make is worse I am tall, taller than the average bear, so finding pants that have any kind of actual length to them is hell.  I used to be able to pick stuff up in those Big N Tall Girl shops but now every time I go into one I look around and everything looks like it is either designed for nerds or ninety year old ladies.  Plus....a pair of jeans may start at $200.00!  There is no way in hell I will pay even a quarter of that for a pair of jeans, most especially because I will probably be cutting trail in them, or painting walls, or ripping out floors, or baking something (when I can start baking again), or anything else which is not good for jeans that you pay $200 for.  As well the dress style I typically prefer is somewhere between ripped sweat pants and running Tshirts a commodity I'm afraid is pretty hard to find in most malls. 

Here is a haiku on today's subject.

Shopping is not fun
When clothes are the goal for me.
Holes are priced too high.


  1. Hey! Your supposed to reserve those kinds of feelings for the deepest darkest days of February. Don't get ahead of yourself.

  2. Zilla's Other HalfDecember 3, 2011 at 11:46 AM

    Everyone can have a down day, even on the sunniest. Don't over-analyse it. You let it happen and now you should be onto your 'official' cheat day. Let yourself perk up, modify your diet and eat in moderation. Keep doing all the outdoor stuff you've been doing too. It'll all be good.