Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blue Nose Burqa

Today was a surprisingly hot and muggy day.  Surprisingly because it started out being foggy and cool but then later on in the morning the heat started seeping into the air and it became warm, really warm.  Like 27 degrees warm.  Which meant I quickly disrobed because typically I become "Ye olde puddle of sweat" at the best of times, and as I was breaking a sweat just from breathing I figured it would be a good idea to break out the shorts and tees. 

The day was somewhat satisfactory as I managed to pull all the tiles from the ceiling, and even better, all the &#%$ staples from the ceiling as well.  Then I pulled up the laminate flooring and the rather scusting underlay as well.  Oh and did I mention all the staples holding down the underlay.  The outside wall was quickly dismantled by Mr Renovating Machine, and a support wall was added so that part of the house doesn't fall down before a new header has been built for the new window.  I did some more painting for the new bathroom and Mr Renovator cut the molding.  So things are progressing in a timely manner. 

This evening after supper I decided to take the hell hound for a bit of a walk and luckily I dressed for the occasion.  Holy Smoley Batman, can you say black flies, because I sure can.  Luckily I didn't just lather on some bug spray and decide that all was well.  I actually put on pants and then tucked them into my socks, wore a long sleeved shirt, and wore a hat, AND put a mosquito net over it.  Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for that otherwise I'm pretty sure I would be bloodless right now.  The nonstop rainfall we've been experiencing for the past month has filled every pot hole, mud puddle, creek, swamp, ditch etc with water, and with this warm weather things have hatched all over the place.  So a walk that could potentially have turned into a screaming run for shelter wasn't too bad.  Thanks to my burqa. 

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