Sunday, May 1, 2011

Short And Sweetened

Yikes!  And yikes again.  I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted.  But then again life has gotten pretty busy here in the shack.  We have visitors of the short and pitter-patter kind, and let me tell you, they are non stop all the day long, so consequently yours truly has been side tracked.  Even now I am but taking a moment or two to check emails and look quickly through some of the sites, so this will be short and sweet.  Well short anyway. 

Lately the weather has been rather caca here, rain and more rain.  Not exactly the best visiting weather, but never the less we have still been out and about.  We have been doing some house hunting, some hospital visiting and some kid chasing.  The hubby has been plugging along on the renovations so there has been a wee bit of progress on the up and coming bathroom.  Perhaps it will be done before the company departs, it would be nice if the little ones could enjoy a bath or two in the new tub.  We moved mom from her third floor apartment to her first floor apartment and after a day of work there was zero to show for our efforts.  Well actually we did manage to move everything and put it into the new apartment, but seeing as the place has an identical layout to the new one, and we did not change the set up, it looks exactly like it did at the start of the day.  And the worst of it is I'm not even sure if mom will be able to enjoy living on the first floor, she may not be able to live on her own once she gets released from the hospital, if she does. 

Oh and just a note, while house hunting the other day we looked at a place on Kitpu Lane, and I was thinking that would be a great name for the Shack, Kitpu Estates.  I'll have to sleep on it. 

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