Friday, May 13, 2011

Sunshine and Blackflies

Yippee!  Woohoo!  The sun came out today.  It was warm and sunny and boy was it ever nice for about four point three seconds that's when the black flies found me.  They are pretty nasty and we hates them, we hates them forever.  Isn't that right my precious. 

So today is the first day of no pitter pattering of little feet in the shack which is under construction.  Things have returned to the quiet of the country sticks living.  So today I swept, vacuumed, washed, dusted and basically cleaned the shite out of the shack, then I started on the 'heap big pile o laundry', spent about four hours working on my budgeting records and paid some bills, caught up on emails, returned all the plants to their former homes and watered them, ventured to the back forty for a quick walk, chopped down some branches which were sticking out of the front lilac bushes before being chased back into the house by blood seeking bastards of the east, primed a cupboard in the works and the ceiling in the hallway, made lunch and supper, finished reading a book and I still have time to sit and post on my blog.  This is what the world is like without having to watch children.  It is beyond astonishing what a person can get done when they are not otherwise engaged in feeding children, cleaning children, watching said children so they do not try to kill themselves when they 'discover the world', and trying not to make noise when children are napping.  This last month has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that people should never, ever, ever wait to have kids.  If you want them you should pop them out immediately, waiting until you are older to spawn will only make you very, very tired.  Take my word for it. 

So having said that I will now go and make myself a cup of tea, download a new book and enjoy the rest of my evening. 

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