Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unspecial Hero

Ah today was a great day if I do say so myself.  I got up relatively early, around 6:45ish (I love the fact that I think 6:45 is early) and went for a small walk out to the back forty.  I stopped by the old trailer and retrieved a bug net, which I am sure will add vastly to my sex appeal.  It’s like my very own blue nosed burqa. Then I made some biscuits for breakfast (they turned out not too shabby).  Then after a leisurely tea drinking episode I put myself into painting mode and spent the day taking the paint from the cans and applying it to the bathroom walls.  The first coat looks pretty durned good, if I do say so myself.  
Now as I had about six or seven hours of painting to do I allowed my brain to drift along in any path it chose.  Sometimes it chose to listen to the radio, other times it chose to think about rutabagas, but that is a topic for a different day.  For a while as I applied paint to wall(s) I thought about how great it would be to have the power where all I had to do was think about the finished project, and presto, whammo it would be done.  This led my brain in the direction of the series that I just finished watching the other day, Heroes.  Which lead me to think about other series that I have watched in the past few months, which lead me to the conclusion that the people who are writing and producing these shows have about as much mettle as a bowl of Rice o Roni.

Now Heroes is about as comic bookish as a series will get, in fact as they moved through the first season it became even more comicky, which I didn't particularly mind, in fact I expected it to be so.  I actually kind of liked it.  It had some pretty funny lines; my ultimate favourite was Unspecial Ando.  It also had enough twists and turns to keep it interesting until the very end, which is where the writers and producers ended up with the smallest, teeniest, tiniest, itti-bitty little balls in the world.  The last show was anticlimactic, predictable and boring. 

Why?  What is it about the world of television that makes a bunch of talented writers becomes a bunch of pansy arsed wimps?  All I am saying people is TAKE A CHANCE.  Why be predictable, weenie, or down right barfable?  Can't you write something which will be satisfactory, interesting and new?  "If it pleases your honour I refer to Exhibit A, the conclusion of Lost."  Which as anyone who bothered watching the final season knows was the greatest piece of crap ever written and aired in the history of shitty endings.  It won't even be necessary to pull things like the last two seasons of Battle Star Gaglactica out to air in public. 

So this has become one of my new pet peeves, shows which kowtow to what they think the vast majority of TV viewers want.  Take a chance TV Land people, I will bet that there are a substantial number of viewers out there who's main talents aren't based on blowing the biggest spit bubbles in the world.  In fact you might be pleasantly surprised; you may find that there are a number of people who can actually read without having to sound out the letters first.  And even though I technically don't watch regular TV, because frankly I don't want to, I will watch box sets if given enough of a nudge by others (yes this means you my love, based on your advice I will give Dexter a chance, but not until I finish the bathroom).

So as you can see a good day was had by all.  Me and my brain, which I can now take out and put into a jar beside the bed.  Hold on!  Just a minute, I'm sure I had it a minute ago?  Whoops, so sorry, it's been in the jar all along. 


  1. Racking my brains to think what series you might like to watch... Have you watched Six Feet Under? As an older lady, I kind of like the Cadfael series (ye olde English monk solving Medieval mysteries), but you might not enjoy it. I bet you would dig The Prisoner, if you haven't already seen it. But definitely, finish that bathroom first!

  2. There is a series which the sis-in-law says she will lend me. It appears to be set in about the 1930's and is based on the people who live in a mansion and their servants. It sounds a lot like Upstairs Downstairs to me so I will give it a shot. (I'm not really into the detective/cop/Sherlock Holmes type thing, I think I ODed on it when I was a kid. Then again I don't like doctor/ambulance/fireman shows either.) I am in the process of watching Monty Python, I got the entire series for my bday last year. I love those guys.