Friday, May 27, 2011

Renovations and More Renovations

Things seem to be progressing on the renovation front, as everyone now knows we have a new bathroom.  And we are very close to having a new bedroom, all but the flooring, we will be doing flooring last for pretty much the rest of the house.  (Oh my knees are soooo not looking forward to that.)  And as of today we are back down to having only one bathroom as the old one has miraculously turned into a new entryway.  Well it still has a toilet right by the front door, but hey, who doesn't like the convenience of that right?

The bathroom that was. Gotta love that wallpaper. 

In progress.

Outside view in progress.

Almost there.

Thar she blows!

Outside view of new entryway door.

New view from the kitchen.  Now we just have to widen the doorway and make a closet where a bathtub once lived. 

An exhausted hellhound after all her contributions to the project.


  1. Hey...wait a second. In that 'Almost there' picture looking out the doorway at someone kneeling next to the soon-to-be-installed door the sky seems a suspicious *blue* colour. That can't be right!

  2. I agree. That can't be YOUR renovations. The sky doesn't get blue there. It's usually grey and crying.