Saturday, January 28, 2012

Best Blizzard Ever

Yesterday we had the "Best Blizzard Ever", if all the winter storms were like that I would be all over it.  You see when I was listening to the radio the day before they kept forecasting doom and gloom for the next day.  At one point the weather gurus predicted 30 cm of snow followed by 10 mm of rain.  So yesterday when I woke up I was expecting to see a white out, but what I saw was no snow.  Of course almost immediately it began to snow and soon there may have been about three inches on the ground, or around 7 cm for those who prefer metric.  Being prepared for the worst I did my work indoors, yes more renovations, then probably around noonish it turned to rain and continued raining the rest of the day.  By the evening the winds had picked up and they were howling some hard pretty much all night.  The cool thing about it is that it blew all the snow away!  Yup not a speck to be found.  Today it was blue skies and the temperatures hovering around the four or five mark.  Like I said, best dog gone blizzard ever!

Today I painted, or should I say repainted, the fireplace hearth.  Yesterday the hubby and I notched the bottom of the bricks out with a Rotozip in preparation for the new flooring, then I painted some ceilings and walls.  Lucky me.  The painting I did today was minor, and over quite quickly, but the jury is still out on the colour.  And of course I am the jury, and the judge, and the interior decorator.  It's a hardship, but someone has to do it.  As I painted though I looked around at the mounds, and mounds, and mounds of dust bunnies, dog hair, cat fur, and renovation crap all over the floors and decided that I could no longer put off vacuuming.  Three hours later and I feel a hell of a lot better.

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