Friday, January 6, 2012

Painting Party At Iron Bess's

Yup today was another painting day.  I was doing a couple of small areas in the hall today so that hopefully we can finish the hardwood in that area.  Then I was painting trim..."Yargghhhh!" I hate painting trim almost as much as I hate washing cutlery.  There is something crappy about the whole tiny little, nit picking, suck-o-mundo aspect of it. 

But I guess I can't complain too much, it was a beautiful sunny day so I had a pleasant walk with the hubby and the hound.  Hmmm, is that perhaps a better title for the magazine?  Hubby and the Hound.  With our little skiff of snow on the ground I could see all the rabbit tracks, deer tracks, squirrel tracks, and other unidentifiable tracks which the "Nose" snorked around and got excited about.  Usually I can't see the tracks, and definitely can't smell them, so to me it usually just looks like the dog is all orgasmic for no real reason. 

The hubby also put in some temporary shelving units today which means that the destruction of the kitchen is imminent.  I am pretty excited about the upcoming project as it means we are that much closer to getting a bit of a break on the back breaking work.  Also, I am really looking forward to installing the dishwasher and getting rid of a certain bank of cabinetry so I can actually see people when I am in the kitchen doing shit. 

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