Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Howling Maniacs

Today was a first for me since moving here, this morning at a most ungodly time of day, the hell hound was pacing and pacing (which means I need to go outside and pronto).  So I dragged my sorry carcass out of bed and hung her out by the neck then proceeded to the loo myself, on the way back I looked at the outside temperature to see whether or not Miss Poopy Pup was going to spend a lot more time outside and decided that yes it was warm enough for her to be left to her own devices while I caught a few more zees.  But as I passed by the door I could see that she had already tangled herself up in a nearby tree, so I jumped into a pair of the hubby's handy size thirteens and went outside to rescue the hound.  That is when I heard the commotion, there was some serious coyote howling going on in the bush. 

Now since I've been here, almost a year and a half, I have heard a great deal about the coyote problem here in the land of the fog but haven't actually seen, heard, or smelt any coyotes in the vicinity.  Happily.  In fact both the hubby and I have commented on that fact several times since moving here.  You see, back in the mountains we used to hear them howling up a storm almost every single night, spring, summer, fall, and even sometimes in the winter, and that was in town.  So we have both been very surprised that out here in the boonies the local population consists of deer, raccoon, beaver, porcupine, squirrel, (and, okay maybe not moose, but I couldn't resist) martin, and other various creatures did not include coyotes.  Well now we can add coyote to the list.  I guess that means I have to keep a closer eye out on the dog.  Sigh.