Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Woot Woot!

Two rooms completed!  Picture me doing a little happy dance (two fists side by side and shaking to the left, then shaking to the right then doing the hookie-pookie, then side shuffle, side shuffle, and turning myself about).  Although today was a "no progress" kind of day on the floor, it was a "prep" day so more progress could be made at a soonish time.  Okay so that sentence makes no sense whatsoever, but it's a dingle berry's, hairy toes skipping through the tulips kind of day.  And it is COLD.  Like real winter kind of cold.  The thermometer was hovering in the minuses all day.  We had teeny, tiny little bitty type snowflakes even.  Sucky assed snowflakes, but teeny, tiny ones nonetheless. 

I had to bundle up in my parka for my walk and still felt chilly at times. That is until my furnace kicked in and I did a wee bit of sweating.  Then I got cold again cuz I was wet.  Shocking.  The dog got herself a nasty gash on her leg, and if she was a human type animal she probably would have gotten around five stitches.  She still may need them but I am letting her do the dog thing and lick it better.  She had minimal bleeding but it is right in the front of her front paw so probably no real major blood vessels there anyway.  Of course it slowed her down not even a bit. 

I am pretty stoked tonight because I got to do some of my OCD stuff with some of the completed rooms.  I arranged things in boxes in a neat and tidy fashion then put labels on the boxes.  I tell you its almost enough to make a person get all swoonie with the joy-joyness of it all.  I even pulled my label maker out of storage and got to use it.  That was almost better than sex.  Who am I kidding, it is wayyyyy better than sex.  "Oh baby use Helvetica number 12 again."  Erm...ah yeah...I believe the proper word here would be - anyway. 

It is still lacking in some personality and hominess which means that I need to invest some time into finding side tables and lamps, and then digging through boxes to see if I have any paintings which survived the move, just so it doesn't look so, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.  But for all intents and purposes the worst of it is done.  Go here to see exactly how I feel, make sure you turn the volume way up.

Here is a reminder of what we started with in this room.  The original room had a LOT of personality, but it was more like the, crazy old aunt who has sixteen cats, and the body of her fifth husband buried in the foundations of the house, type. 


  1. Gorgeous! Must say, I never thought I'd see a colour resembling "pink" on one of your walls, but you're a grandma now so you're allowed.

    Anyway, house & rooms are looking FABULOUS.

    About the label maker, I think the word you're looking for is "nerdgasm."

  2. I can't actually take credit for the pink, it was here when I arrived, but it didn't stay around all that long.

    Hmmm..."nerdgasm" I believe that is my new favourite word. Thanks muchly Lori.