Monday, January 30, 2012

What A Difference A Day Makes

Well as my aunt used to say, "Shit fire and save the matches!"  My goodness can two days back to back be any different? 



Crazy hey! 

This morning I got up to blue skies and birds singing.  I had to go to do some more paper work at the bank...AGAIN.  (Moving your crap to another province is WAY easier than getting your on line/paperwork moved.  I'm thinking that by the time I decide to move, in twenty years or so, I should just about have everything finally set up here.)  Anyway where was I...oh yeah earlier today the weather was nice, the roads were dry, and best of all, no snow.  We got into the bank, and I shit you not, there was a line up of people out the door.  I looked at the hubby and said screw this let's go take care of our reno shopping and come back later.  So we toodled off, and browsed, did the tactile thing, and purchased some expansion foam, sinks, electrical plug covers, and various other essentials, at three of four hardware stores.  When we returned to the bank the line was only marginally shorter.  Of course as we waited in line it once again turned into a conga line from hell.  When we finally made it to a teller I enquired as to why there was such major activity and was informed that the pension cheques came in on Friday, but there had been a big storm so not too many people had shown up, so everyone came today.  Which makes zero sense to me.  Does the government not do direct deposit these days?  Or if they do, is it a requirement for everyone to go and draw all their money out at the same time?  It's a mystery.  Not one I'm in a big hurry to explore right at this juncture. 

Anyway just about the time we were pulling into our driveway it started to snow, and boy did it snow.  It came down in buckets, and more buckets, and perhaps a few baskets too.  So I grabbed the hound, my camera, and my gators and headed out to the back forty for a walk and a photo opportunity.  Here are the results. 

This is the start of my road to Shangri La.
This is where I had been doing some chain sawing the other day. 

And of course the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Kitpu Estates.

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