Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Foggy Wet Day At Kitpu Estates

Today was a warm, wet, foggy, rainy kinda day.  I had every intention of taking the, dope on the rope, out for a walk but I got sidetracked by insidey kind of things.  So instead of getting some fresh air, I got paint in my hair.  (My inner poet sometimes surfaces.  My inner bad poet.)  Have I mentioned how much I hate painting ceilings?  And seeing as pictures of white blank ceilings are mind numbingly dull I thought I would put a few on here from yesterday, you know, when I actually did get outside. 

Morning has broken...


  1. Well, those views leave you looking quite sane living in a low keyed winter wonderland with a bajillion house projects going on. Days are getting longer, is that a good thing? MOre projects and more time to do them.

  2. You wouldn't believe how much of a good thing is that the days are getting longer. Have light, will get to do more stuff!

  3. What a beautiful dog! If it was on kijiji I would want to buy that dog. If my dog was on kijiji, I would think, devil dog, no way am I buying that dog...

    Beautiful landscape too.

  4. LOL Lori it can't be that bad. Both my dog and cat sometimes has Beelzebub crawl up their butts and cause serious havoc to the wa of life on the ranch. I usually take care of that with serious discipline. (Which usually means yelling and sending them to their beds. Or sometimes I just send me to bed.)