Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Healed and Happy

Yup the ankle seems to be doing not too bad, the majority of the selling has gone down and turned into bruising, but the good news is that I took a walk out to the back forty and back and managed it pretty good.  The only pain I have is if I turn abruptly or slide funny.  Also when it clicks because the ligaments have been stretched.  So good bye crutches, hello walking around like a normal person. 

A HUGE chunk of the flooring has been completed.  Let the birds sing and the bunnies fly!  The entry looks purdy even though we ended up not having enough to do the diamond pattern.  In fact after the whole thing was done we ended up with one tile, or would have it one of the tiles hadn't of been cut wonky.  I think we may kick back for a couple of days before tackling the final room with the flooring.  Today is day two of the chillaxing time and hubby is already antsy.  Sigh.  On the other hand I have already had the sheer pleasure of reading half a book.  Such joy. 

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