Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Mostly Nice Day

I wrote this yesterday, but for some reason it wouldn't publish.  Go figure. 

Today was a seriously lovely spring day. What's that you say? It's February. Ah yes well tell that to the spring gods of the east, they thought today should be spring like, and it was. Today was by and large a pretty good day, only one little whoops made it less than stellar, I managed to miss the bottom step and go over on my ankle. Some serious whining ensued until the pain subsided then some pouting happened because of my bone headedness.

The hardwood is done, and if I didn't have this bum ankle I would go and get the camera and download a completed picture, so the picture will have to wait. Today I managed to clean shit up, put shit away, and pretty much enjoy the fact that after a year and a half I actually have an area, pardon me, have a few areas which almost look like they are part of a for real house. You know, as apposed to the cabin like atmosphere, renovation central type circumstance, shackified surroundings which I have been living in. That deserves a big cheer from the peanut gallery...that would be me.

Soon I may be able to write about something besides siding, drywall, tiles, hardwood, cabinets, paint, etc, etc, etc. Believe it or not I actually have a few ideas kicking around in the brain cavity.

One fun project is going to involve seeing if I can start a new Urban Legend. For example -

Fourteen Year Old Boy Accidentally Discovers The Fountain Of Youth!
In a small town in Northwestern Ontario a young boy had finally received the ultimate birthday present from his parents. For a couple of years he had been begging his mother and father for a chemistry set when his mother finally decided that fourteen was old enough. "After his birthday we would only see Danny for a few minutes at breakfast and then at supper, the rest of the time he would lock himself in his room and work on his project." Mrs. Danforth said. She went on to say that it was their youngest son who was eleven who realized that Danny was starting to get younger. "All of a sudden instead of having an eleven year old and a fourteen year old we had two eleven year old children. Not only did he look younger, but he also had actually shrunk in size. It was quite disconcerting at first," Mrs Danforth said. But she quickly realized that Danny's science project was the discovery of the century, he had actually figured out how to reverse the aging process. "I haven't looked or felt this good since I was twenty five," the forty three year old mom said. She said that people who don't know her think that she is a teenager, and people who do know her are completely stunned at her appearance.  "Things were going great until the local newspaper ran the story on Danny and wouldn't you know it the very next day five different drug companies were knocking on our door. They wouldn't take no for an answer but I held out and now we are sitting on a pretty nest egg, we sold Danny's lab, notes and everything, for ten thousand dollars." Mrs. Danford was gleeful.

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