Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Spirits and Such

Every once in awhile my computer refuses to read the card from my camera so I have to go and get the USB plug to download the pictures, tonight is one of those times, and seeing as I am far too lazy to go down into the dungeon and dig through piles of crap to find it, you are not getting any new pictures of the work done to date.  I know, how will you be able to bear it?  *Snark*

Anyway the good news is that I did manage to get the required layers of paint onto the walls to consider the room done enough for us to be able to start on the floors.  So we started pulling up the old linoleum, yowza.  Two layers.  Two gross, glued, stinky layers.  We used a flat shovel, which worked quite well until we hit the spots where they nailed it.  And when I said nailed it, I mean it.  Hundreds of nails.  Nice.  Real nice.  But at least the crap is up and off the floor, there is still some residual bits stuck here and there, but those bits are going to stay and be covered by the new hardwood. 

Warning Pat Robinson I'm on a new tangent now.  I don't know if I ever told you about the house I used to live in on the other side of the country?  We did lots of renos in it too.  In fact we did so much that it really didn't look much like the house we had moved into.  It was an older home, and as with most older places it came with its own character, the not quite plumb walls, the furnace that needed replacing, and the ghost of the lady who used to live there before we move in.  Vera was pretty happy with most of the changes we did, typically she would let us know when she was around by opening the basement door, or giving off a very faint whiff of cigarette smoke in the bathroom closet.  She supervised the construction, inside and out, sometimes even lending a helping hand.  I was kind of sad to leave Vera behind when we left, but was happy when I realized that she found us here and every once in awhile comes to visit.  It makes me feel special. 

Well this week the people who originally owned our properties had a tragic event happen, their youngest son died suddenly, and they asked us if they could spread his ashes on the back forty by a small shack which he built when he was a teenager.  Naturally we said yes, I can absolutely understand why he would want to come back here.  It is a tranquil, peaceful, beautiful piece of land.  So perhaps, if we are lucky, we will once again have a full time spirit hanging out with the family.  Welcome to Kitpu Estates, or is that Renovation Palace? 


  1. Zilla's Other HalfFebruary 17, 2012 at 11:06 AM

    I'm not sure he, or they would even recognize the place.... You might not want to tell them that you got rid of the pink bricks....

  2. How kind and loving of you to agree to. I'm hoping that he'll bring good energy of his own and his families fond memories back to the place.

  3. I love reading your blog and would like to offer encouragement and congrats as comments but so far, no luck (other than anon).

    I could post tonight as anon but have tried before w/ google account and had no luck. Fun reading, thanks for posting. We fear undertaking a kitchen/house reno, want to, but we are two 60 yr old women, use to have the skills, a little old for that now. Might live happily ever after with what we have, the next owners buy this "handyperson" house.


  4. Hi Laur,

    Welcome aboard. I'm glad you like the blog, although I'm always surprised when someone actually besides myself reads it. The comments section on my blog is a real bugger I've had all kinds of problems with it myself, for a time it wouldn't even let me attach a comment. I did go in and play with the settings so at least I can post something. And a couple of others are able to so maybe it's just set on the "hit and miss" setting. Frustrating for me and anyone else.

    You'd be surprised with your reno skills, I know I am with mine, of course I have the great luck to to have Jack of All Trades so I guess my skills are directly related to being in his vicinity.

  5. ZoH - we haven't redone the shack yet, so if he really gets to missing the faux pink bricks he can go and relax there.