Friday, February 3, 2012

The Day After Ground Hogs Day

Good thing that the old ground hog wasn't coming out today, it was sunny and cold, winter at its finest.  I decided to go for a walk this morning before heading into town and my next dreaded appointment.  The lake was groaning and chatting up a storm.  I had to laugh because at one point it was making so much noise that the dog freaked out.  The hackles went up all the way from her nose to her tail and she went into German Shepherd mode.  Of course I found it very amusing and asked her if she was planning on attacking the lake.  She pretended that she did not hear me and became extremely interested in smelling a lump of snow. 

The wind was pretty chilly this morning so I was pretty happy that I dressed for the weather, even then once I got out of the sun the temperature was quite noticeably chillier.  I had my gators on today, have I mentioned how much I love my gators?  I bought them a couple of years ago when I bought my snow shoes.  The company I used to work for had a pretty awesome fitness incentive program, they would reimburse you up to a $1000.00 a year for anything you spent on healthy lifestyle purchases.  Snowshoes, gators, runners, hiking boots, kayaks, etc, so that's when I got them.  I used to talk about buying them for years, most especially when my running partner and I used to run a million miles a year in the winter.  Man they would have come in handy then.  I can remember slogging through waist deep snow some winters then digging snow out of my runners, socks, and pants before they permanently froze to my legs.  

This was me this morning, all warm and toasty, no nasty wind blowing up my pant legs. 

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