Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Universe Continues To Have A Huge Grudge Against Hardwood

Well yee-freakin-ha the hardwood is almost all done!  But I have to say that it came pretty close to, yours truly, almost having a major nervous breakdown during the process.  Yesterday we got to the point where the kitchen was half done, and in order to complete the rest of the floor we had to move the fridge from the unfinished floor to the finished floor.  Bad things happened while I was indisposed.  Bad, bad, bad things.  The hubby, someone not known for his ability to wait on anyone else, took it upon himself to move the behemoth all by his onesies, this move caused big, large, giant sized gouges in the recently laid hardwood to appear.  When I saw it I didn't go apoplectic, nope not me, I did however come close to hysterical bouts of sobbing.  It was just about the last straw.  And yes, in fact we did have to pull up great wads of the stuff and then put down new stuff. 

Luckily I remembered that I had purchased some furniture sliders several years ago which I had used to move some stuff around in our previous house, the house which the Universe actually liked hardwood in, so we pulled them out, stuck them under the fridge, and presto, whamo it moved without doing any damage whatsoever to the new flooring.  (Note to self: it is going to suck ass when I have to move the fridge to clean behind it unless I can come up with a method to preclude that situation now.) 

Here is a picture after we moved the fridge onto the hardwood, ripped up the stuff we had just laid, and then replaced we new wood.  If you look closely you can see the tear stains on the floor. 

Living room almost done. 

Here is the living room all finished.  Yipee!

Here is the start of the next part of the flooring saga.  We are going to put this tile into the entryway as well as in front of the sliding glass doors which lead out onto the front deck.  If I were a betting man I wouldn't bet that life is going to be all rosy during this project.  But it is all going to be worth it in the end...I hope. 

We are so close to the end now that I feel pretty confident about finally getting some new furniture for Kitpu Estates (damn, I really need to get a good name for this place).  Luckily when we bought this place it came fully furnished, we inherited a tiny little blue dining room suite, cute but uncomfortable beyond words.   Several twin sized beds, all the 1970's appliances, and the Kijiju ubiquitous living room set, ours are blue with purple flowers on it but I have seen them in all the glorious colours of the rainbow.  It wasn't all that comfortable either, but it meant not having to sit on lawn chairs for a year and a half so for that I am grateful. 

I placed an order for three different dining room sets.  No I am not going to buy three, but I want to make sure that whatever I get not only looks okay, but is very much comfortable to sit on and I cannot tell from pictures that will be left up to the "butt test".  Oh and now I also want to make sure that it is not going to gouge the shit out of the floors.  This is almost as much as a priority as the comfort part of things.  I have been checking out couches but so far I haven't found anything that will stand up to the "butt test", ugliness scale, and cat proof.  I guess my next few forays into the big city will mean a few stops at furniture stores.  The joy of it all. 


  1. Zilla's Other HalfFebruary 24, 2012 at 11:55 AM

    Felt pads for the bottoms of chair and table feet are definately a must. I don't suppose your hubby took the hint from all the crying and the ripping back up again that maybe patience isn't a swear word?

  2. I believe I bought a gross of felt pads at the dollar store. I have put them under everything, even the dog. After all these years I don't believe it is possible to pound patience into him. Have desire, will do.