Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random Thoughts

I was listening to CBC the other day (big surprise) mostly just to listen to Elvira Kurt to hear her inductee into the Culture Hall of Shame on Q.  I love Q on Friday's because of Elvira, she rocks.  She was in pretty good form and sounded incensed about her choice, Karl Lagerfeld, and his comments about Adele being fat.  As usual she cracked me up.  I most especially chuckled about her description of him and that from now on she was going to call him a Designosaur.  Very apt and to the point.  Where does a bizarre looking old guy get off disparaging how someone else looks when he looks like a freak of nature himself?  Elvira nailed it.  Have I mentioned that she is my favourite comedian? 

The day before I was listening to, Canada Reads, where the two final books were, The Game, and, Something Fierce, the first about hockey and the second about a woman who became part of the resistance in Chili during the Pinochet regime.  In my head during the debates I was already composing an email in protest against The Game.  I was positive that it was going to win and felt like it was going to be the biggest cliche ever.  A book of hockey winning the Canada Reads contest, how droll.   Thankfully I did not have to write my email, not that I have read either of the books so I was basing my opinion on topic alone.  Perhaps I should shut up now because I am showing my dark underbelly of my prejudice against hockey. 

The good news is that today the hubby put the final coat of mud on the drywall after a good sanding.  Which means that tomorrow after a final light sanding I might be able to put the first, and possibly second, coat of paint onto the walls.  Which of course means that soon we will be laying flooring.  Which means that we are that much closer to getting finished the biggest chunk of the renos.  Have I mentioned any of this before? 

Today, after several days of feeling like crap and not doing much, I decided to take the hell hound and go for a walk.  It was overcast but warm and only raining a tiny bit.  I decided to go and see if I could find any evidence of a meteorite which I saw fall the other day.  Actually the hubby saw the meteorite, I saw a ????.  At least I don't think it was a meteorite because it acted more like a flare.  I wandered around searching the ground on the hill behind our house and found zip.  So whatever it was will have to remain hidden, most especially because they are calling for snow tonight, although it is +2 and still raining right now. 

When I got home I once again found the cat locked in a closet.  That is another reason why it will be great to have the house done, at least Karson, will only get locked in closets instead of all the cupboards and other cubby holes she has been climbing into and getting stuck for hours because we didn't see her scoot in while we had the door open.  I don't know about other cats, but this one cannot resist a closet, in fact she has super hearing when it comes to closet doors being opened.  She can be fast asleep in the basement but if someone opens a closet anywhere upstairs she is up and scrambling to get inside.  I've started calling her  Karson The Reluctant Lesbian, you just can't keep that cat out of the closet. 


  1. Zilla's Other HalfFebruary 12, 2012 at 12:56 PM

    Esme is a closet cat. She loves a particular cupboard in the pantry where we keep the kitchen rugs. She does also however, like the linen closet upstairs and if I ever open my fabric closet to her then she'll find herself some place to sleep up there as well. However, she has also been known to jump into the dish cupboard in the dining room, whether or not we say it's ok.

  2. So you have a reluctant lesbian as well. Perhaps if we introduce the two of them they will hit it off. Unless vying for closet space would make them mortal enemies.

  3. Zilla's Other HalfFebruary 13, 2012 at 9:15 AM

    For her, I think, being a mortal enemy has become a profession, not a reaction.

  4. Copper likes the bathroom sink. If he hears water running in the bathroom he runs to the door and meows for admittance. Oh my god he's so sweet,it's like having a furry little baby with claws!