Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Life of a Karson

Recently I bought a bench for the front entry so when I decide to take my sorry carcass outside, or bring it back in again, I have a place to plant my butt and put my shoes on, or take them off, depending on the coming or going part.  Unfortunately it came with no storage, which I wanted for things like hats, gloves, scarfs, surveyors tape, gum, string, batteries, GPS's, and dust bunnies.  To rectify this I purchased a couple of baskets so I could have a place to neatly store my stuff, and a place I could bitch about where the hubby would store his stuff. 

In case you missed it, here is a close up. 

It turns out that it is also a pretty good place to store your cat.  Well at least the cat thinks so anyway. 

As I have been bitching...I mean blogging about, we are doing renovations here at Kitpu Estates, and as such we have been ripping things out, putting things up, and pretty much indiscriminately ignoring the needs of the cat.  It turns out that occasionally we do manage to make life a lot more interesting for her. 

As you see in the picture above, Karson, has developed a singular love for the hole in the floor that was found under the kitchen island.  She is fascinated with this hole.  It keeps her occupied for long tracts of time.  In fact, she can never resist the urge to at least go and stick her paw in it whenever she finds herself in the kitchen.  I'm pretty sure she may need counselling when we finally get to the stage where we cover it up with hardwood. 

Speaking of hardwood!

Yes believe it or not, this picture is showing hardwood attached to the living room floor.  There is joy in Mudsville.  Soon vast tracks of Kitpu Estates will be covered in a veritable cornucopia of arboreal forest...products.  There will be galas, dancing in the street, well road, toasts, and possibly even toast, fireworks, conga lines, jousting, speeches, large quadrupeds being roasted in fiery pits, soup, chocolate bunnies, tiny little wieners for tiny little people, shampoo, and all the other things which comes with people doing celebratory things. Ah, the future, the world of dishwashers and counter space, its like Nirvana, but with a lot less of that pesky reincarnation stuff that you have to go through.