Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Progress

I bet you can't guess what we did today.  Did you guess renovation?  Because if you did you are absolutely correct.  Yes we did more renovations, but the good news is that the old kitchen cupboards are officially a thing of the past.  Its almost enough to make a person have a real good cry.  So of course this means that if we are really good little boys and girls (well, boy and girl) and we work very hard, we may actually have the old insulation out and the new insulation up, the new vapour barriers up, and new drywall up sometime in the next two days.  Folks you have NO idea how excited, happy, elated, and breathless with anticipation I am about that moment.  Then all that is left is mudding, painting, two weeks of laying hardwood, installing new cabinets, installing the new lights, putting up the trim, installing the new flooring in the entryway, touching up all the walls and ceilings which got smudged during the process, and then Bob's your uncle.  Then I may take about two weeks off and do nothing but laze about and perhaps take the dog and hubby for a walk every once in awhile.  Perhaps.  The new bathroom and closet will just have to wait. 

This picture is of the wall that used to house the built in oven, that was the last thing to go. 

Notice anything missing?  Yup, it is the island with the stove top....gone.

One wall with some actual colour on it.  Yippee.  (And no the fridge is not going to stay there.)


  1. So...with all that vast space what's the plan? Another island going back in? Or are you a *work around the edges* kind of kitchen user? We/I want an Island for the range when we get to doing what you're doing. I agree...very exciting times.

  2. I am definitely putting the island back, sans stove top. Which is sad because even though they were old and crappy I loved the whole set up of oven on wall and stove top on the island. But unfortunately that set up is waayyyy too expensive so I am going back to regular range. At least the island will give me five feet of countertop which will be great for prepping stuff.