Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Ground Rodent Day

Apparently the ground hog in Nova Scotia, (I won't even try to spell the name) did not see his/her shadow today which of course means an early spring.  Normally I would be all, yippe, yahoo, about it, but this winter I really can't find too much to bitch about.  It is already February and so far I believe we have only had one or two days where the temperature actually dipped below -20, and that was at night, by the middle of the day it was back up to acceptable levels.  And the snow has been almost nonexistent.  So it actually kind of feels like we have just had a rather extended version of fall for most of the winter.  In other words, I can't really complain.  That is a tough predictament to be in, I really feel that my duty as a Canadian is to do serious bitching about the weather, but as a person enjoying a pretty damn good winter, I shouldn't. 

So we actually had a little more progress on the kitchen front today.  1) I have a brand spanking new range which actually works.  2) I have added a bit of colour to one wall.  (Although the jury, a jury of one, is still out on the colour.)  Which means that after tomorrow's trip to yet another appointment in town we will be able to rip the remainder cabinetry out of the kitchen.  I love progress.  Progress is good. 

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  1. I think we may just have to revoke your Canuckistani citizenship in short order.

    I'm in the thrall of some nasty germs at the moment and I *still* want it to be winter for a good while yet. Hell I just want it to be winter for (let's say) *a two week stretch* and that would be better than this crap we've been having.