Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cold Feet

I'm sitting here typing and my feet are freezing, this state is unusual for me because a) I never get cold, and b) I never get cold.  So how is it that my feet are cold?  Could it be because it is fall and the temperatures actually fell to below freezing last night and I only have a small fire on in the front room which is way on the other side of the house so it can't have warmed this room up?  No that can't be it. 

Yesterday hubby and I spent a few hours dragging in a row of firewood, and by the end of the row I was thinkng that I had enough, and so did the hubby.  Yikes!  So there I was thinking that if hubby was all done in then that wasn't a good sign for me.  That meant that there was a very good possibility that I would wake up and not actually be able to move today.  But interestingly enough I am doing relatively okay, a slight tinge in my back, my legs are a tiny bit sore, and my ass has a pully feeling to it, and that is all.  Well unless you count my cold feet that is. 

We now have half of our firewood sitting in the bunkers downstairs and three more rows still waiting to be lugged into the house.  Hopefully it will last the winter, I say hopefully because it really depends on how much visiting we will get from the kid.  You see my kid happens to be a changeling.  I am pretty sure that sometime while in the hospital after giving birth to her a troll, or a fairy, came along and switched her out with someone else's kid because she is ALWAYS cold.  And when I say always I mean it.  When I was in Mexico with her, and it was plus a thousand degrees outside, she had to wrap herself in a blanket cuz she was cold.  So that means if she is here during the winter and I actually want to be able to see her emerge from forty five layers of blanket then we will be forced to build fires which are hot enough to compete with the local sun in order to keep her warm. 

Well I think I'd better stuff some food into my face, and soon, because I have a class this afternoon and I don't want to be late.  Or cranky.  A hungry Iron Bess is not someone who is pleasant to be around, especially in class. 


  1. 24 degrees this afternoon with the sun blazing was one of those 'this is awesome and so wrong' at the same moment. I'm sure on Sunday when it's 6 degrees and raining it'll feel like a distant memory.

  2. Hey I'm warm in a nice hot bath...after awhile.