Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pretty Stoked

Can you sing Happy Days Are Here Again?  If so you should sing it with me because it is a happy, happy day for old Iron Bess.  Believe it or not we got ALL of our winter wood hauled, packed in, and piled, so our basement looks, and smells all wood pile like.  It also looks pretty impressive with the wood taking up all that room and truly looking like a place which is prepared for another winter season.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that this winter will be somewhat the same as last winter which would mean that we won't have to burn the whole lot up so will be that much ahead of the game next year.  The best part is that with the basement full we even have the garage restocked we almost have a full row left out in the field which means that we already have a jump on next year.  So I am sitting here having a sip of wine (okay a glass of red grape juice, not quite wine but it looks exactly the same when you put it in a wine glass) and writing on my blog with a completely clear conscience.  It was quite a productive week this week, I even managed to apply for two jobs.  One full time :( and one part time :).  Guess which one I really want? 

It was an amazingly beautiful, warm, sunny, lovely fall day today so it was great to finish our push on the wood before hurricane Sandy makes landfall next week.  We also took advantage of the supposedly low gas prices ($1.20 a liter) to tank up the truck and the jerry cans for our misc equipment.  Have generator - will power, is our motto.  I know we are ready for the crappy weather but I sure hate to see these amazing days end.  I walked around in a tshirt and shorts all day today.  My old home in the Misty Mountains has over a foot of snow already and people have been out there shovelling.  I surely don't miss that at all. 

Well here at the Old Shoes And Tea Society it is time to say good night to one and all. 

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