Thursday, November 1, 2012


I am happy enough to report that here at Kitpu Estates all the denizens survived the storm of the century, called Sandy.  Lucky for us the storm didn't actually quite make it this far.  Well maybe the outer edges did a little.  We had a bit of wind, a lot of thunder and lightning, and a LOT of water.  I think the lake may have actually risen about a foot.  The back forty is waterlogged, and we walked through the water which was flowing profusely over the road which leads into the property.  Through some miraculous intervention we never did lose power, although reports of power outages all around filtered in through my daughter's eleventh appendage, her iPhone.  We kept all electronics turned off, and unplugged during the majority of the storm so circuits wouldn't fry.  A hardship, but somehow it was endured, most especially by the help of 500 Rummy. 

Monday (or was it Sunday?) we prepared for the storm by picking up all items that may have been blowy away things, or blowy into things, and securing all doors and windows, and generally battening down the hatches.  We stocked up on supplies like water, food, and gas, then we went out and did the same for the kidlet and the Poop Brigade.  Then we all retired to Kitpu Estates to wait out the screaming and howling, as well as the winds.  We ended the storm by a rousing round of trick or treating and consumed questionable candy which we did not want the kids to eat.  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. 

Today all electronics have been turned on, the hatches have been unbattened, and the Poop Brigade departed.  Quietude has returned to the land of the Bess that is Iron. 

I am hoping that everyone else managed to get through the storm with a minimum amount of problems as well.  :)

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