Monday, November 12, 2012

Holy Crap On A Cracker

I really, really, really hate starting these posts with a weather report but I can't help it today.  It got to 20 degrees of the Celsius kind here.  Like spring.  Like summer.  Like wow man.  Global warming of the best kind.  It was beautiful and warm and lovely and sunny and all kinds of other things related to warm weather in November. 

The poop brigade, the kidlet, two dogs, and me went for a stroll in the back forty.  Unfortunately the youngest didn't quite do that well seeing as all he wanted to do was nap.  The oldest was wired for sound, and the dogs were like crazy things screaming back and forth through the bush.  But hell, it was a nice day and even though short and whiny, and short and hairies were trying their best to put a damper on things it wasn't happening.  This kind of weather is a gift from the weather faerie at this time of year so a body has to take advantage of it when it comes along. 

Yesterday hubby and I were out with our trusty chainsaws and cutting up some trees.  Man I sure could have used some of this weather then.  You see I sweat no matter what the temperature is when I do any kind of activity at all, even rolling over in bed, which means that when I stop even for a short break I am soaking wet, and if it is chilly I immediately start freezing.  Not fun.  Plus my safety glasses were constantly steaming up.  How safe can it be when you are using a high powered contraption with a lethal rotating blade on it and you can barely make out what you are cutting?  "Oh sorry.  Didn't see your leg there.  Quit your whining you have another one."  So had we waited until today I could have chainsawed (chainsawn?) in a Tshirt and sweated buckets-o-water all over the back forty, but when I dropped from dehydration I wouldn't have gotten cold.  That's all I am saying. 

Also note worthy - even though my back and ass were hurtin units after bucking up a few trees yesterday, today I was actually moving around with very minimal amounts of discomfort.  The way I figure it that is either a good sign, or it means I am on the way out as I can no longer feel anything below the neck.  Either way it was a warm day in these here parts and I'm not adverse to admitting that I loved it. 

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  1. It WAS absolutely beautiful today and NOTHING, not even the poop brigade could bring it down!