Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Asshats and Other Hairy Beasts

Have I mentioned the fact that my cat is an asshat?  You see old Iron is a tiny, teeny bit not liking hairy, purring things hanging out on her bed.  (Thought I would throw in the purring part there just so you understand that it's not the hubby we are talking about here.  Not that he doesn't purr, he just doesn't do it in bed, usually it is reserved for occasions when the tractor is running particularly well, or if he finally got the goblabster working after friking for hours with the narkling crank chamber.) 

I figure I have enough hair to deal with the three times I have to sweep the floor because the short and furries haven't figured out that when it starts getting toward the fall/winter time of the year it would be best to hang onto their hair so they don't freeze their asses off.  But no.  Fall to them means that they have to start shedding even more.  Where was I?  Oh yeah furries in my bed.  Anyway I am not a fan of cats hanging out on, in, or near my bed. 

So let me show you exhibit A.  Methinks that perhaps some cat of the small, black, and furry kind may have left some clues that she is in fact an asshat. 

As I may have mentioned yesterday the temperatures were warm and I was loving it.  Today, well today was just crazy.  It wasn't warm, it was hot.  Like take off your jacket and run around in your bra hot.  Hot enough for me to say, "WTF?"
Me - Is it really this hot?
Hubby -  Yup.
Me - Did we somehow actually end up hibernating and sleep through the winter?  I know I've been threatening to do that, but really?
Hubby - It's hot. 
Me - But did we sleep through the winter?
Hubby - (sigh) Let's go make some kindling. 
Me - Seems kind of redundant now, what with it being summer and all.  


  1. It actually couldn't be summer...there were no blackflies or mosquitoes. It was amazing!

  2. Zilla's Other HalfNovember 14, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    Somehow I think the picture missed the point, or I missed the point of the picture. Also, the problem is that I almost can't sleep without a cat in my bed. When I was a kid, my cat was my pillow and I went to sleep with warm fuzzy purrs in my ear.

    1. It's the footie prints on the blanket. The kidlet lets her felines sleep with her as well. I think the parental unit when I was a kid had serious influences against allowing animals on, or near me when I was sleeping. In fact I remember one actually went the way of the dodo when it was caught sleeping on the baby brother.