Saturday, November 10, 2012

Read At Your Own Risk, Foul Language Resides Here

Hallelujah the lost has been found!  The fluxmegatron loobesque bean grinder is back in the flock and all is right with the world.  Hubby found it in the lake.  Don't ask, I didn't.  So he is once again well ensconced in his deer blind where no doubt he is fidgeting and dreaming of better hunting days.  (Thank dog for fraking spell check this morning!  For the life of me I couldn't spell fidget.  It must be a sign.)

As I've mentioned earlier in this blog, my mom, who used to be an avid reader of my posts, passed away in August, so I kind of feel like I no longer have "Big Brother" watching while I'm writing.  I just get this urge now and then to type in a couple of fucks just because I know I won't have to listen to the lecture afterward.  The funny thing is that while she was alive I did feel restricted the whole time I was writing my blog and always thought that maybe I should start a super, secret, radical blog and not tell her about it and then I could write whatever my little heart desired.  Funny thing that.  Now that she is no longer being the, content police, my style and content haven't changed.  Plus it looks like I don't have radical, crazy, foul things to write about.  So perhaps she wasn't really the content police after all, maybe all that was just in my head.  Although she did admonish me for my language on occasion.  So if you will bear with me here - fuck, fuck, fuck.  Ah, I feel so much better now. 


  1. Never mind mentioning the admonishment if you put anything about having an alcoholic beverage. Facebook posts have become a little less restrictive feeling too.

    1. Don't worry I'm ready to fill in and frown Floozy! ;)