Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Need a Good Camera

Today would have been a kick-ass day to have a great camera.  The lake was covered in this thick mist, the fog was so heavy that the bush looked like it had cotton batten stuck to it.  Man the pictures I could have taken! I'm 73.2% sure that I would right now be sitting on a picture worth millions, well maybe hundreds of thousands, at any rate a lot of money. 

Yesterday as I was puttering around the kitchen doing Dora Domestica stuff and I happened to notice the sunset being all blood red and having the wow factor.  Then I continued to putter around some more before that thought eventually lead to "Hey I should grab a camera and take a picture of it."  Which I did, but by the time I got out there the sunset wasn't quite as spectacular, and now as I am looking over the pictures the first three were all fuzzy and crappy.  The last two were a little more crisp but by then the sunset was just plain old sunsetty...and less than spectacular, but you are still getting a picture of it.  Seeing as I went to all that trouble and everything.  But don't expect too much because my camera just seems to be taking craptastic pictures these days. 

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