Friday, November 2, 2012

A Lot Less Squishy

I just returned from a walk with the hell-houndicus and it is a lot less squishy out there.  The flood waters are receding and the roads/trails are starting to dry out a bit.  So I am pretty much "woo-hoo" about that.  But these days I have to be careful.  You see walking outside at this time of the year means me putting on my walking gear plus a neon orange vest and hat.  Even the houndicus has a glowing orange and yellow vest to wear.  Not only is it fashionable, but it is my paltry attempt at disguising myself as a human being and therefore not good to target practice on.   

You see around these here parts people are a little jumpy and shooty during hunting season.  And hunting season means losing control of all your faculties, going out into the bush, and being trigger happy to the point of thinking that every single object within a forty kilometer radius of your position is a legitimate deer so is filled with so much lead that civilizations for hundreds of years afterward will be sick from all that lead leaching into the drinking supply.  Although even if they did shoot you and got arrested for it they would probably get off because the judge would be all, "Well she was asking for it by going out onto her own property and walking around in the bush dressed up like a neon orange Sasquatch with matching hat.  Had she been more responsible and worn a large flashing sign above her head which read 'Do Not Shoot I Am Not A Deer' and hired a marching band to follow her around playing 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' wherever she walked then I may have reprimanded you for shooting her."  It's not like there is any rules about being able to clearly see the animal and count the tines on its antlers.  Oh wait a minute....  No wonder the animals, and people, in these here parts are jumpy all year round.  (It's the tainted water.)

I had gone out for a walk just before, Sandy, or Sandzilla, the storm to storm all storms, hit the eastern seaboard and rained on it, and had taken a few pictures.  I really loved the look of the light on the leaves, it made me feel all squiggy inside. and all artsy outside.  I also added one with the hound in her fashionable attire because hey, there really aren't too many pictures a person can take around here without a large moose-like dog running through it.  (Unless of course you actually want the dog in the picture then it would be nowhere to be found.)

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