Saturday, November 3, 2012


Cleaning day today!  Well every day is a little bit of a cleaning day around these parts it has to be unless you don't mind living in forty feet of dog and cat hair that is.  I'm relatively certain that any calorie that my dog consumes goes directly into making fur for her body.  It has to otherwise the glut of hair covering every square inch of surface in the shack could only have sinister implications.  For instance aliens could be using it as a test to see how long it will be before old Iron Bess goes insane.  Or Satan has a hole leading straight from hell into my house and when the three headed dog sheds too much he just gets his minions to sweep it directly into my house.  Bastard! I knew there was a reason I should hate that asshole.  Fucking aliens.  Fucking Satan. 

My vacuum cleaner always smells like an old wet dog whenever I fire it up even if I had just changed the bag on it the time before.  I am looking forward to the day when we install the built-in vacuum and the air is shunted outside.  Let the neighbours put up with the stink.  The bonus today was that the temperatures were on the warmish side and I was able to open up all the doors and windows and allow the stink to get herded outside by the breezes passing through.  So now instead of dog it smells like fall in here. 

Now that I am done cleaning, and have dinner on the go, I may take some time and brew a pot of coffee and do a little bit of homework.  (I’d go for a walk except it is prime time for hunter madness outside at this time of the day, and seeing as I like my body a little less ventilated I think I will just stick around the premises.) 

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  1. I had far too many adventures today to get around to some of the squeakyiness that I was hoping for at our homestead. I think tomorrow should allow for some though. Also, central vac definitely the way to go. Yes, dragging the hose around seems tedious now and again but it just beats the living hell out of bags and power cords and all that crap.