Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Axed You Where It Was

Hubby informs me that I have to write a little blurb in here saying that I could not find the small hatchet that I bought for chopping kindling, and he did.  He is feeling very vindicated, most especially after reading my post about him searching for his nudgemashtacator and how I was all about saying that he looks like a man then blames me so I will start looking for it.  The truth is that I did not find it.  The truth is that it was in fact in the closet where he said it would be.  The truth is that after looking and not seeing I went in search in other places.  But let me add a few more tidbits that also may come into play here.  1) It was in the closet, up on the top shelf, far in the corner.  2) The fact that he knew it was in the closet and I didn't may possibly mean that I was not the person who put it there.  3) He is six foot three, I am not.  He can see up in higher places a little easier than me. 4) Even if it all boils down to me being unable to find it that would mean that in the thirty some odd years we have been together torturing each other, Me - 2, Hubby - 44,671.  I rest my case. 

Hubby also indicated that he was against receiving a pirate name for these posts.  He doesn't like any of the ones I've come up with to date.  Hmmm, methinks that hubby is starting to get a little bit big for his non-pirate britches and starting to dictate a little too much of what I can, should, and can't be blogging about.  Maybe hubby should start his own blog, that way he can write whatever the hell he wants.  Maybe his name should be Meddling Marvin of the Seven Sticking Your Nose Into Places Where It Doesn't Belong Seas. is drizzly and cold, gone are the plus 21 degree days.  Which means I will have to dress like a Nipper-Snipper today when I go for my walk.  Yesterday we cut some of the pine we have been letting dry all summer and it turned out to not be so dry.  It was a pretty big assed tree that got blowed down this spring and we figured that it would make great kindling.  But the chunks we had split it into obviously weren't small enough because when we put it in the splitter oozy stuff came out.  So we decided to split it up to smaller and smaller pieces then stack it in the basement where it will have a better chance of drying out, most especially now that it isn't raining inside but it is raining outside.  Good thing we did that yesterday cause today the rain would have washed away our hopes, and crashed our dreams on the shores of disappointment. 

I've decided to apply for a couple of on-line writing jobs so I will be spending the afternoon writing up my bio.  (Hahahahaha...the person who reads it may be able to use it as a sleeping aid unless I manage  to insert some humour into it.)  I also have to submit a couple of sample pieces, so I will be polishing up a few things I have kicking around.  I hope I can actually do that because typically when I polish stuff I get seriously caught up in the nuances which usually results in me eventually having to have a really strong rum and coke to settle my nerves.  So either we can raise a mug of grog together and celebrate, or we can raise a mug a grog together and commiserate.


  1. Happy belated Birthday! No working computer makes me late and a bad girl.

    And I swear he's like 7'14"

    1. Thanks muchly. The kid made me a Pastafarian pirate ship cake for my bday. It was chocolate. Yummy.