Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby She's Cold Out There

It certainly got a bit chilly out there last night.  We didn't get any snow but the frost was thick on the ground.  I hate to say it, being the winter hating girl that I am, but it sure was purdy this morning being all sparkly like.  Typically I would be getting into the depressed, woe is me, winter is coming doldrums around this stage but some days I can't but help marvel at how beautiful the world can still be at all times of the year.  I'm sure I will get over that sentimentality once we have our first snowfall.  (And no you cannot point out to me when I wax poetic about how lovely the branches look with the snow on them how much of a hypocrite I am.)

Yesterday I put life and limb into jeopardy and took the hell hound for a walk in the afternoon.  We were all decked out in our fluorescent orange, hunters please don't shoot me because I am not a deer, outfits and wandered around for an hour but still sticking close to the house.  Most recently I've been taking Spanish lessons while going for my walks, but yesterday I spent the time working on a story I have brewing in my head.  So instead of sounding like a dork saying, "perdon senor entiende ingles?" out loud to the trees, and underbrush, I was saying things like, She stood shivering in the afternoon light, not from cold, but from fear and she confused or just truly screwed up in the head because of what just happened to her?  Lucky for me I live in the sticks and there isn't anyone around to call the men with the funny jackets and padded trucks. 

Today the hubby is all gungho about going out and cutting up some trees.  "Come on," he says as he tries to get me motivated.  "It will use up some calories and get those flabby arms into shape."  Oh yeah that's motivating.  It motivates me to want to smack him up the side of the head with a neon orange glove, or kick his skinny hiney with a neon orange rubber boot. 

We have a saying here at the Old Shoes and Tea Society, "Don't piss old Iron Bess off before she had her morning coffee or you may not wake up again until next week." 

But putting my violent thoughts aside I will in fact pick up my trusty little chain saw and stealthily sneak up on a maple, or poplar, and pretend I am from Texas, but not until I've had another cup of coffee. 

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