Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Started painting this morning to try and get things finished even though it is still pretty humid.  I opened the can and when I applied the first brush stroke realized they mixed the wrong god dammed colour.  I was vexed!  (Vexed is a good word, feels kinda old fashion-ee, not too many people are vexed these days, but I felt vexed.)  The worst thing is that I have already done all the cutting in of the original colour days ago and now I will have to do the whole freakin thing all over again.  I frakin hate cutting in...with a passion.  And of course no it looks like the bathroom will be a different colour then anticipated, sigh.  It is only one shade off but now if I need to touch it up I will have to keep a whole other can...and to top it off the can I bought was so I could do touch ups with the original colour in the other rooms...grumble, grumble, grumble. 

Then I spent about four hours mowing the grass today and I am still not finished.  I ran out of gas in the small mower while working on the front yard, so I grabbed the riding mower and started working on the back...then I rode...and I rode...and I rode.  Then I figured I'd finish the front with the other small mower but for some reason it wouldn't start.  So I said, "fuck it."  And went to visit mom in the hospital instead.  Then after I left mom as I was walking down the hall I started sneezing and I sneezed, and sneezed, and sneezed and didn't stop until I made it to my car.  Not sure exactly what I was reacting to but I was happy when it finally stopped. 

Soon my time alone is coming to an end and the hubby is returning home.  He will have been gone for two weeks but it sure doesn't feel like it.  It actually just feels like I dropped him off yesterday. 

I thought I would draw another picture tonight, seeing as my camera has gone MIA. 


  1. life in the slow version of the fast lane, eh? I cut in all of the edges in a bathroom two years ago and HATE the color. Don't mind having to recut the edges but WTF about the right color? I like this, she likes that. Living with th enasty option ever since. I'm going in and making a decision soon. Wish me luck, I may self implode. Kuddos to you both for getting this fqar into th erenovations. Some couples would rather kill by now.

    1. Ah I pity you and the whole debate about which colour should be used, in that I am lucky as the hubby has long, long ago given up on caring about which colour goes where. Because, get this, he says, "You are really good at picking out colours so get whatever you want and it will look good." Whew...couldn't imagine going through all this AND fighting over the decor as well.

      A few years back my best friend had been in an accident and while she was recovering decided that it would be cathartic to go and paint her house. When I went over there she was painstakingly taking her time to cut in her paint, it was white, the ceiling was white, the trim she picked was white. I still chuckle over that. I was talking to her wife the other day who was complaining that she spent all day cleaning only to have my friend come behind her and clean it again. And people think I'm OCD! Ha.