Saturday, June 9, 2012

There Be Hardwood Here

Yup that is correct, hardwood has been laid.  For anyone who has lived through two years of non stop renovation you will understand the joys of finally getting in the last touches here and there.  I know that flooring isn't exactly a last touch, its more like a great big punch, but there you have it we are within a sneeze of having it finished for the shack.  There is one more room in need of flooring but that room will probably get some sort of tiling...yet to be decided. 

We were going to stop at around five thirty in the afternoon because both of us were at the point where we had enough, but the hubby suggested taking a half hour break and then going great guns to the finish, so that is what we did.  So around ten at night the worst of it was done...yippee!  We only have the small walk in closet to finish today and then the hardwood for the shack is complete...double yippee!! 

This picture shows where we had pulled a wall down which used to be part of the entryway into the house.  For months we have had to contend with vinyl glue which kept hoarding dog/cat hair and a hole in the floor, which I am happy to report is now gone.  You have no idea how exciting that is.  The rest of the floor was pine slates, very soft and very fally aparty.  (Oh and very covered in drywall mud, paint, and other items which we didn't bother to worry about knowing that it was going to be covered up sometime in the future.) 

Let the games begin!

At this stage there was some swearing but no fighting. 

Goodbye big assed hole in the floor!

Survey says...the big jigsaw puzzle for another room is complete!  Now we get to put everything back in some semblance of order.  The worst of it...making sure all the wires go into the right spot on the computer. 

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